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Meet the Doctor

Liesl Davis

Originally from South Africa, I have a very deep affection for the ocean and the magnificent African wild animals. My adventures brought me to the breathtaking Canada where I now live with my family next to the majestic Rockies.

I am a Physician with over 20 years of patient experience. My training in Aesthetics was done in Toronto with the esteemed Dr. D Martin. To further my education and expertise I have immersed myself in studying the MD Codes filler injection technique that was developed by the world renowned Dr. M De Maio. With ongoing training in Dr De Maio’s MD Codes, I bring updated approaches to each client with every visit.

My goal is to enhance every client’s natural beauty by restoring volume, creating proportion, and turning back time in a safe and minimally invasive way. This is achieved by enhancing every client’s most beautiful features and softening unwanted concerns.

You deserve to feel fabulous.

Dr Liesl Davis

Let’s talk Neuromodulators : Botox®

“Botox” is the term which is most frequently used to describe neuromodulators, but in fact, Botox® is just one of three brands (Botox®, Xeomin® and Dysport®) which Health Canada approves to treat wrinkles.

I use BOTOX COSMETIC® for my treatments. A neuromodulator is a natural purified protein. A tiny amount is injected into the small facial muscles that create the wrinkles that form by frowning, squinting and even laughing. This protein blocks the nerve impulses to those specific muscles causing them to relax. When the muscles relax the wrinkles appear smooth and soft.

You can see results in 5 days but it takes 2 weeks to see the full effect. The average treatment results will last for 3 to 5 months and gradually begin to fade, at which point I recommend a subsequent treatment for cumulative benefit.


Dr Liesl Davis prides herself in maintaining a natural appearance while minimizing wrinkles. She will determine the right dose and injection technique for you. Neuromodulators only act upon the specific area being treated, so that the other elements of your facial expression remain active. It has no effect on the sensory nerves, therefore you will still have normal feeling in the treated areas.

No, neuromodator treatment can NOT be performed on pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Neuromodulators have been used safely and successfully for over 20 years. They are usually well tolerated & most patients do not experience any side effects at all. Side effects are rare. If they do occur, they are usually temporary and localized to the area of the injection. Side effects could include: bruising, localized tenderness, headache, or ptosis (drooping of the eyelid). Excellent technique is critical to minimize the risk of side effects which is always provided by Dr Liesl Davis.


Let's Talk Fillers

Hyaluronic acid fillers are sugars that occur naturally in your skin. These injectable gels are used to restore volume to skin, improve facial lines, wrinkles and folds and enhance facial contours.

For my Filler treatments I use JUVÉDERM® Filler injected in the the well known MD Codes technique that was developed by the world renowned Dr. M De Maio.

Cost to client depends on the type and volume of Filler needed to optimize the client’s facial features. Treatments are done step wise in 1-5 sessions depending on the clients needs.

You can see results immediately after filler treatment. Filler results last between 6 – 18 months depending on the area treated and the volume and type of filler used for the treatment.


Let's Talk Skin

JUVÉDERM® also combines with collagen and elastin to improve skin structure and elasticity, creating a youthful, smooth look. Results can be seen after 1 month and can last for up to 9 months.


Everyone responds differently to filler injections and factors such as bleeding tendency, area being treated, injection technique and injector expertise can influence outcomes so it is difficult to predict exactly how you will respond. It is therefore extremely important to choose an expert injector who has the appropriate knowledge, skill and expertise to reduce risks of complications and provide you with the best possible results.

Some of the most common side effects of HA fillers, that typically last for less than a week, include swelling, redness, mild discomfort and tenderness at the site of treatment. We also recommend not having filler injections within 14 days of an important event (including air travel) as patients are more likely to experience bruising and swelling with this procedure

In rare circumstances, a blood vessel may have inadvertently been injected which could cause damage to the tissue or even tissue breakdown if left untreated. Our staff are able to address this extremely rare complication should it occur.

No, dermal fillers can not be used if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.


What to Expect from a Visit with Dr Liesl Davis

Getting Started

Each visit starts with a medical history and examination of the client’s face. The procedure consent is signed and all questions are asked and answered. The most beautiful features and the areas of concern are identified. Together as a team Dr. Davis and the client plan the treatment / treatments needed with Botox and/or Filler to enhance the client’s natural beauty and to soften unwanted concerns. Then the fun begins …

Botox Treatments

A tiny amount of the medication is injected very precisely into each area treated using a very fine needle. The injection is very quick, and pain associated with the injection is minimal. Most people find the treatment to be very tolerable. Typically, there is no pain after treatment.

Filler Treatments

Anesthetic cream will be offered prior to treatment in sensitive areas (like the lips) in order to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. The fillers used also have a numbing agent in them and patients often find the pain involved in the procedure to be minimal. The procedure requires about 20-40 minutes depending on the area and amount of filler used. During the procedure, dermal filler is eased under the skin with a very fine needle or cannula. Most people are able to return to their normal daily routines immediately afterwards.

Post Treatments

After each treatment, Dr Liesl Davis provides clients specific after care instructions to ensure optimal results.


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